DVDpedia Grid View Enhancement

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DVDpedia Grid View Enhancement

Postby spishak » Thu Feb 18, 2016 9:31 pm

I think it would be an improvement if the currently selected movie in the grid were highlighted in an additional way. Currently a 3(?) pixel rule is drawn around the icon in the grid while the enlarged version is displayed on the left hand side of the interface. I have a lot of movies and I like to use the keyboard arrow keys to navigate. However, I often lose my place among all the thumbnails; partly because -- no matter what highlight color I'm using -- the 3 pixel rule blends in with some of the movie icons' colors.

Would it be possible to highlight the currently selected icon in another way? Perhaps by having all thumbnails displayed at 70% intensity except for the selected one being 100%? Or maybe all the icons could be greyscale while the currently selected one is shown in full color? Maybe these could be user selectable options?
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Re: DVDpedia Grid View Enhancement

Postby Conor » Fri Feb 19, 2016 3:52 pm

Thank you for the details on how to enhance the selection marker. I like the idea on how it would look but think that it will take away from users who use the grid view to browse and not select a specific item. I have set it as an enhancement for the next big version as the grid view also needs a makeover for more animation and flexibility, as you mention customizable options.
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