Booxter import

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Booxter import

Postby Dutch » Tue Apr 04, 2017 10:26 am

I'm currently using Booxter but got a message today that it won't work in the next iteration of iOS.

I've played around with Bookpedia but not having a date read field keeps me from replacing Booxter. Also I'm not able to import all the fields that I need from Booxter.

Any thoughts ?
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Re: Booxter import

Postby Conor » Tue Apr 04, 2017 2:43 pm

Sorry to hear about the incompatibility in the future version of Booxter.

Bookpedia has a last read field, that is then tied to the last read history, that may have many values. You can find that window under the menu "Book -> Last Read History". For the column you can find it under "View -> Columns -> Last Read". There are also quick access menu's to mark a book as read. For example on Pocketpedia you can swipe an entry left to reveal a "read" button.

The missing imported fields is likely why you did not see the last read field being imported, dates format by Booxter part always break that importer. Do email us your XML file from Booxter and let us know what fields that are missing. It's likely an update that we need to do for the importer from Booxter. Which I am happy to do, specially if there likely to be future switchers. :D
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