Download all of Author's books?

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Download all of Author's books?

Postby InterestedParty » Sat Oct 18, 2014 8:39 am

Hi...I am looking to create a 'base list' of all the books a given author has published. From this list I would then match the books I already have, so then I could have a 'wish list' of books I still want to get.

For example, Robert Ludlum has 30+ books with his name as author....I have 21 of them....I'd like to know which one's I am MISSING....

Can Bookpedia do this?

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Re: Download all of Author's books?

Postby Conor » Sat Oct 18, 2014 9:28 am

Thank you for the feedback. We don't currently have official curated lists. It is a feature we would like to integrate in the future not only for authors but for series of books.

However, the search can be used to list all the books by an author. The results then need to be reviewed as there will be several editions of the same title (and a few foreign editions do sneak in).

The way to do this is to first visit your preference under the menu "Bookpedia -> Preferences" and turn "Return to the search window after adding" preference off. Then in the search window one clicks on the magnifying glass (left side of the search field) and selects a specific search site, for example "Doghouse". This will display the options for that search site at the bottom of the window. Setting the limit to author only and the sorting to alphabetical will produce a more manageable list as different edition titles will be listed together and alphabetically.

In the search results window do open the results drawer (bottom right, arrow pointing to 4 lines). This will allow you to jump directly to the next distinct title that you want to review and tap the add button to add it to your collection. The book is added to the selected collection, so you can change collections to the wish list and then back to the search results by keeping them side by side to add a book into wish list or library. You could also add them all to your library and then drag and drop the unowned books into the wish list. (Sort by date added to show all the books recently added at the top).

For example the "Robert Ludlum" search currently reveals 148 results, do tap the "more results" in the results drawer to list them all as it only displays 25 by default.

Hopefully in the future will be able to add curated list that will make this process easier and no books will be left out. At the moment when I personally do this I always cross check the final list against Wikipedia for the author as rarer books that Bookpedia users have not yet contributed into Doghouse or not on sale might not be listed in the results.
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