Unable to search Discogs

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Unable to search Discogs

Postby never-said » Thu Nov 06, 2014 6:47 pm

Last week, my copy of CDpedia 5.3.1 lost its ability to search Discogs (designated as the primary / first site in the "Sites" preferences tab). No matter what text goes in the search box, the response is always "There are no matches for XYZ. Please try another search."

It worked one day, and then suddenly it did not -- and it still does not, a week later. I changed no settings or prefs before the loss of search capacity. Today I unchecked all sites in the Sites tab, closed the Prefs pane, closed the app, then re-launched CDpedia and restored Discogs as the first Site in the list. Still nothing.

I'm stumped.
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Re: Unable to search Discogs

Postby Conor » Thu Nov 06, 2014 7:07 pm

Thank you. It was an issue with the Discogs server that they are still working on. They switched over to a new version of their software and are having trouble with the encoding of spaces. Luckily there is a work around by doing the encoding in CDpedia before sending the search request, you can get the fix in the beta version. It will be in the next official release, which will take a little longer as the interface is being updated to better match the flat Yosemite look and all the changes are not yet complete.
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