audiobooks, cdpedia or bookpedia?

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audiobooks, cdpedia or bookpedia?

Postby jefferyn » Sat Dec 06, 2014 10:50 am


i have books, cds, and dvds.

i buy audiobooks also. i have not yet started cataloging my audiobooks, but realize that i should since i have enough that i sometimes don't recall if i have one or not. and i'm buy a number lately.

i tried entering the barcode into cdpedia for an audiobook i just ordered. 9780792754305, full cast radio drama of Zebra-Striped Hearse by Ross Macdonald. the cdpedia search did not find it on-line. then it occurred to me that perhaps cdpedia might not be set up to search for audiobooks. so i tried bookpedia, and it found the book, but not the audiobook. from a regular web browser, a google search finds the audiobook just fine.

i tried searching by title also with no better luck. later i tried a couple more audiobooks to see if this issue was limited to this audiobook. Complete Miss Marple Radio Dramas by BBC. and Gaudy Night by Dorothy L. Sayers. no luck with those either...

so this raises a couple questions.
1- where should one catalog audiobooks, in cdpedia or in bookpedia?
... my preference would be be cdpedia since i store the media with my other cds and i'll listen to it on my iPod...

2- how could one get cdpedia to find audiobooks? looking thru the list of search sites, it is not obvious which site would have audiobooks. is there some option to add for audiobooks?

am curious, how do other people handle this?
where do you store your audiobooks?
do you have to enter the data manually?
or has someone found a site to add to the search to download the data?

i really enjoy the pedias! great fun and helps me keep track and find things!


ps, i would be happy to send my audiobook listings to someone to upload to the doghouse in case someone else needs audiobook data after i get it entered...
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Re: audiobooks, cdpedia or bookpedia?

Postby Conor » Sat Dec 06, 2014 9:43 pm

Bookpedia is the one that has more ability to find audiobook information. Also where the audio book is missing, it's easier to download the information for the actual book and then update the format and a few fields to change it into an Audiobook. There is one big deficiency that CDpedia does fit better with the duration field, as Bookpedia only has the number of pages. The best search site for Audiobooks at the moment is Amazon that needs to be enabled with your own AWS account in the Bookpedia -> Preferences -> Sites -> Amazon Settings.

I'll consult around the office, mainly Alex, and find out if we have any official area where the Audiobooks go when it comes to Doghouse. But I do think it would be Bookpedia as well.

For personal use it's a matter of preference and if your having little luck with your Audiobook searches in Bookpedia, then you might as well use CDpedia if there is going to be a lot of manual entering.
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Re: audiobooks, cdpedia or bookpedia?

Postby Alex » Tue Dec 09, 2014 10:01 am

Definitely Bookpedia, making sure you label the format as audiobook. We don't have any search criteria based on formats because it would slow down the searches considerably since people don't tend to pay too much attention to this field. At the moment, the only distinction we have for formats is whether the book is a comic or regular book and this doesn't look at the format fields at all, we use a different technique.

Having said that, if this is something that a lot of our users would like to see in Doghouse then please let us know so we can think about a solution.

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