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Template UPDATE LeoTAB

Postby samu-mac » Tue Dec 16, 2014 1:07 pm

Hello everybody,

i am not quite sure this is the right place for such a request but was the first thought.

I am a happy user of template called "LEO TAB" that can be found here: http://bruji.com/extras/

The really good point of this template is the button "Trailer" that allows you to have an inner browser that find trailer of the film on youtube.

What it lacks is that the trailer will be always searched in English.
I think would be easy and enough to have a string where you can add "ITA" or "FR" or "SPA" automatically after the movie titles that is entered in the youtube search bar.

I don't have the knowledge to edit this template and apply this so i am forwarding this request not really to DVDpedia staff but to anyone that think is able to help me solve this!

Thanks in advance

Addicted to Bruji
Addicted to Bruji
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