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Library is empty

Postby VittorioF » Sat Jun 06, 2015 2:15 am

Newbie. DVDpedia 5.4.0 bought in AppleStore.
I just moved a CollectorZ XML export file onto DVDpedia's icon and got going.
DVDpedia's left grey column says:
- Library 0
- Borrowed 0
- Wish List 0
- CLZ xmlexport 1601

- How do I populate the Library?
- How do I search for a specific actor? The statistic says I have 40 movies by e.g. De Niro, but I do not know how to search the DVDpedia or movies in which De Niro appears.

Thanks! Nice program. Vittorio
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Re: Library is empty

Postby Nora » Sat Jun 06, 2015 3:20 am

Welcome to DVDpedia! To make your import part of the main Library (all imports are put into a library-independent collection by default so you can first check that everything went well), select the collection and from the File menu choose 'Include collection in Library'. After that you can delete the collection since everything will be in the Library.

To search your Library, use the little search window in the toolbar. If you want to only search actors, you can set your filter to 'Starring' or 'Credits' (click on the little magnifying glass in the search window). Alternatively, when you have a movie with De Niro selected, click on his name in the details view, it should appear in italics since it's a link, and the program will automatically filter your collection by that term and show you all the movies with De Niro as an actor.
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Re: Library is empty

Postby Conor » Sat Jun 06, 2015 4:06 am

Hi Vittorio,

Update: Just realized that Nora had already answered all the questions, (I failed to visit the original post and posted this automatically from my RSS reader).

Welcome to DVDpedia. The import is done into an excluded collection so that you can review it before making it part of your library. To make it your library select "CLZ xmlexport" and use the menu command "File -> Include in Library". All the movies will not be your library and you can remove "CLZ xmlexport" by using the main menu "Edit -> Delete". If delete is not active make sure that "CLZ xmlexport" is highlighted and active by clicking once over the collection name.

To search for the specific actor you can click on the actor name in the statistics where it says you have so many movies by him or quickly simply select your Library and type the actors name into the search filter field on the top right of the main window. By default that search searches the visible columns, but you can change the scope of the search by clicking the magnifying glass in that search field and selecting some different options. For example limiting the search to only title, when you want movies with "Smith" in the title but not actors/actresses named Smith.

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