restoring CDpedia from a backup

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restoring CDpedia from a backup

Postby forrestgump » Mon Jun 29, 2015 10:12 pm

I'm trying to unzip my CDpedia backup file with Apples "Archive Utility" and keep getting a "Unable to expand CDpedia to(folder name) Error 1 - Operation Not Permitted" message about halfway through the unzipping. I haven't used CDpedia for several years and I'm trying to open my old backup (the only backup I have) to use on a new computer - the old computer and all the original files are destroyed. I still had my serial number so I downloaded the app again, but I can't get the backup to open. Any suggestions?

CDpedia 5.4.0
iMac running 10.10.3

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Re: restoring CDpedia from a backup

Postby Conor » Tue Jun 30, 2015 6:55 am

Sounds like it might be a permissions issue, although Mac OS X in that case should have moved the extracted data into the Desktop where it would have permission to write to. Move the file to your Desktop first before unzipping if not already there. Do make sure there is enough disk space to extract the data? It would be about twice the size of the .zip file.

Also try unzipping directly with the "unzip" command from your Terminal. Open the applications named Terminal in your /Applications/Utilities and then type "unzip " (including the space at the end); drag and drop the .zip file onto the Terminal window it will add the path to the file. Press enter and it will start the unzip process directly, should result in the unzip folder in the same location.

If the above fails you can also try a different unarchive program, such as this free Unarchiver on the App Store.
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