Help - Sync FROM Pocketpedia to Gamepedia

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Help - Sync FROM Pocketpedia to Gamepedia

Postby Potterovski » Wed Aug 10, 2016 6:00 am


I have lost my collection on my Mac, and also the backup.
I still have the full thing on Pocketpedia on iPhone 6s.

Can I sync back to my Mac, or extract files to restore?

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Re: Help - Sync FROM Pocketpedia to Gamepedia

Postby Conor » Wed Aug 10, 2016 12:33 pm


It's better to get the data file from the backup, so do check your regular backups for the data folder. It would be located in your home folder under ~/Library/Application Support/Gamepedia. You would copy this entire folder to the same location on the new Mac. It has better covers than what is sent to the iPhone, those have been resized already for the iPhone screen.

Since the sync was built with Gamepedia as the master database, here are the steps to restore from Pocketpedia.

0. first make a backup of your iPhone to iTunes, this will let us recover the data from the backup if something goes wrong in one of the steps.

1. Find the data folder who's path is listed in "Gamepedia -> Preferences" at the bottom.

2. Quit Gamepedia.

3. Rename the data folder from "Gamepedia" to "Gamepedia OLD".

4. Launch Gamepedia and you should be seeing an empty brand new collection. (If your database was not in the default location of ~/Library/Application Support/Gamepedia, you need to repeat steps 2 and 3, with this location so that you get a brand new empty Gamepedia).

5. Make an edit or add any random game on the iPhone, to force the iPhone to send the database back to the Desktop.

6. Sync With this new Gamepedia.

7. Restart Gamepedia, if you are not seeing your games from the iPhone proceed to step 8.

8a. Quit Gamepedia

8b. Go to the data folder and delete "Database.gamepd".

8c. Rename "Pocketpedia.gamepd" to "Database.gamepd".

8d. Launch Gamepedia and you will have all your data minus the covers.

8e. You need to get covers by highlighting a selection of games and using the "Game -> Update from -> appropriate site". If you use Doghouse, it's quite good bout looking for exact matches.

The second option and hence why the backup to iTunes is to extract the Database.gamepd directly from the backup with Backup Extractor. Look for "com.bruji.pocketpedia3" and extract that. The folder will include a Gamepedia folder with the "Database.gamepd" that you would pick up in step 8c above and place in the data folder for Gamepedia to see.
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