Sync from Pocketpedia to DVDpedia

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Sync from Pocketpedia to DVDpedia

Postby Bencloutier » Mon Dec 11, 2017 9:03 pm

Hello, I had to format my computer. I've copied the data folder from Caches> Metadata> CoreData> DVDpedia so i could replace the ones on my fresh installation of MacOS. But unfortunately, it does not work. My collection does not show up.

I still have all my collection in Pocketpedia but when i try to sync, my computer ask for permission but when i allow it, nothing happen. Tried restarting the computer and on the same Wifi (my computer was on Ethernet).

I have 1113 movies... i hope i don't have to do that again!

Thanks (awesome application!)
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Re: Sync from Pocketpedia to DVDpedia

Postby Conor » Tue Dec 12, 2017 4:52 am


The best restore method is to use the data folder. If you still have access to a backup of your drive, as everybody should, restore ~Library > Application Support > DVDpedia without DVDpedia running. That folder has all your data for DVDpedia. The Cache folder, has your data in a special stripped format for Spotlight to index, that DVDpedia does not really read, just updates for Spotlight.

With a blank DVDpedia you can indeed import from Pocketpedia, but it takes a long time. If you don't have access to the data folder backup. Since you have run the sync already and canceled it, look in the data folder mentioned above.

In your data folder ~/LibraryApplication Support/DVDpedia look for a file named "Pocketpedia.dvdpd". Without DVDpedia running, change the name of "Database.dvdpd" to "DatabaseOLD.dvdpd" and rename "Pocketpedia.dvdpd" to "Database.dvdpd". Launch DVDpedia and you should have all the data from Pocketpedia, without the covers. Which can be added via the contextual menu on the cover well on the bottom left or via "Book -> update from -> Doghouse or other ..." menu command.

If that file is not there, you can restore your data from an iPhone backup as well. Pull the data directly from a backup with Backup Extractor.

Launch it and press the "Read Backups" and select the device and then look for "com.bruji.pocketpedia3". Select it and use extract to your desktop. Your looking for the same "Database.dvdpd" file that will be in Private Documents folder extracted. Move it to the data folder (~/Library/Application Support/Bookpedia) as mentioned above (actually you can double click any .bookpd file to make it the database, but manually doing it, you know what is going on as well).

Hope that helps.
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