DVDpedia import from AppleTV app

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DVDpedia import from AppleTV app

Postby betabop » Sun Mar 28, 2021 11:28 am

Sorry, I've tried searching but all I could locate were old iTunes xml import threads or Pocketpedia showing my collection on my Apple TV device itself.
With the change in BigSur and now the Apple TV app that collect movies and TV shows, I can't find a way to import my movies/tv shows into DVDpedia.

Is that still a feature?
I'd like to review my collection and see what I have in Apple TV app vs physical, duplicates etc. I'd like that added to my entire collection (possibly with a "online" or "AppleTV" tag etc :D) and I can't find an export in the app or a sync method from Dvdpedia to pull the info etc.

Thanks for any feedback!
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