Is there an option to allow users to search .mac bookpedia?

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Is there an option to allow users to search .mac bookpedia?

Postby Smilingirl77 » Sat Jan 13, 2007 3:25 pm

I am a brand new user to Bookpedia (Discovered it 3 hours ago). I am already a huge fan just for my own collection of book at home.

I am currently setting up a library for a church and school. I wondered if there is an option to allow others when viewing the .mac export to search? Bookpedia seems to be exactly what I'd like to use minus the interactive option online. I'd like for people to view the .mac site and make requests to borrow a book, see if it is available and be able to search for books.

Are these options available or is that something I could learn how to create myself?

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Postby Nora » Sun Jan 14, 2007 6:13 am

Hi MJ,

you can export the library (either with the .Mac direct export or using the regular export and uploading the page yourself) so that people can see your library online and browse through it.
For the borrowing feature, you could then add a mail link so they could drop you an email directly to ask for a specific book. Take a look at the HTML templates 'SilverMail' and 'KuzDVDMailLink'. Both of those already have an email link built in but you could obviously add that to any of the other templates. (There is more information about changing templates in the Bookpedia Help file under exporting. Or if you don't have any HTML experience, just let us know which template you like and we can add the mail link for you.)

You could also add a provision to the template to let people know if a template is borrowed or not either by adding who has borrowed the book and at what date, or if you want to keep things a bit more anonymous you could just add the due date to those books that are borrowed so people know when the book should become available again.

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Postby Conor » Mon Jan 15, 2007 4:12 am

You could do it by adding a Google search to your template. (On a regular web hosting site it can be implemented internally with advance knowledge of PHP and MySQL , but it is quite complicated.)

Some of the templates create an index if a column is sorted and the export is done alphabetically. Making it easier to find movies by Author, Genre or any other field.
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