genres vs tags

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genres vs tags

Postby dagopher » Sun Apr 06, 2008 1:34 pm

So I'm slowly inserting all my books, and I keep coming back to the same basic problem, how the hell do I classify these books?

For the most part I'm using my tags to keep track of the 'subjects' and 'classifications' I apply to each book, but there's still that damn genre field and I can't make my mind up what to do with that. Originally I was using it to hold things like 'Sci Fi' vs 'Romantic Comedy' vs 'Comics and Graphic Novels', but that just didn't do me any goo:, 'Comics and Graphic Novels are really a 'genre', that's more of a grouping based upon the media involved, and what happens when it's a sci-fi based romantic comedy?

So then I started putting books in to more general genres like 'Comics and Graphic Novels' and 'Arts and Photography' and leaving the specifics to the tags. However, when I started filling in the actual locations of my books, I realized that my new genres and locations overlapped almost identically (I keep all my graphic novels together, all my sci-fi together, etc). I think I'm going to continue along these lines: label all graphic novels with 'Comics and Graphic Novels' and use location as to which book shelf they are stored. But, basically I'm close to back to square one: how the hell do I classify these books?

While I understand that this is a problem solved on an individual basis, I was curious as to how others were dealing with and seeing there was some inspiration out there of what to try next.

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