DVDPedia: interactive data import question

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DVDPedia: interactive data import question

Postby blaineboman » Wed Jun 25, 2008 9:15 pm

I'm working on getting my collection imported into DVDPedia. I was able to use the import function to get titles and file links in with no problem.

Next, I selected all of the DVDs and did a mass "Get Advanced Info" from Amazon. This generally works well, but sometimes it will select the wrong movie for me.

If I then go to manually edit the entry and try to retrieve the info again (using the gear, from Amazon) it doesn't give me the slide-out drawer to pick between different choices as it might the first time. DVDPedia seems to remember the choice once it is made and doesn't allow me to choose a different movie. How can I do this?

I'd like for the drawer to stay open and allow me to switch between all of the choices until I find one I like.

Other than that, DVDPedia is great! Exactly what I have been trying to find, and what I was almost resigned to trying to write myself.
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Re: DVDPedia: interactive data import question

Postby Conor » Thu Jun 26, 2008 3:11 am

You have to remove the ASIN or IMDb number before using the gear button on these respective sites. If DVDpedia has this information it knows it can retrieve an exact single result, avoiding the need for the drawer. Also DVDpedia will not overwrite fields; it's easier to edit them all at once. Move the movies where it guessed wrong to a new collection, select them all and use the multi edit feature to remove all the information but the title. There is no preview of the result, it's on the feature request list. We would like to take it even further where it shows you what has changed, so that you can decide how to merge information when gathering details from several sites.
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