scanning AD&D Modules

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scanning AD&D Modules

Postby zaxxon72 » Tue Jul 15, 2008 10:56 am

Dear Brujis,

I'm planning to catalogue some of my 'libraries', DVD, O'Reilly books and of course about two huge boxes of AD&D stuff.

DVDs and books work marvelously, but the AD&D modules I tried seem to pose a problem. They haven't worked on DL2, so I thought I'd give bookPedia a try.

Here's what I did :

I try "Five shall be one", EAN 0-46363-09317-, ISBN 1-56076-070-2

iSight scanning on my Macbook Air read the EAN correctly but added a leading 0, this of course couldn't be found in any site. I deleted the erroneous 0, this gave me the error that this is a 12digit EAN that cannot be mapped to an ISBN.

Now, entering the title "five shall be one" finds the module immediately on Amazon, adding it to the library. Without cover art, nevertheless.
But when I click on the title in the lower right details frame, it scrolls up and opens the Amazon page, WITH the cover art!
RIght-clicking the entry and choosing 'download cover art' doesn't do anything. I COULD drag the cover art out of that window onto the space in the lower left, but that would kinda defeat the purpose of the great automation features of bookPedia, wouldn't it?

What can I do to help you help me? Attach pictures of the scanned barcode? whatever it takes, folks!

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Re: scanning AD&D Modules

Postby Conor » Wed Jul 16, 2008 4:34 am

Thank you for all the details.

The reason that your barcode is not found is that your scanning the UPC number that some mass market books have (this was done in order to be compatible with the scanning system in supermarkets). These codes have no relation to the ISBN; however, the correct EAN should be printed inside the front cover for scanning.

Because Amazon is not selling the item the image belongs to one of the merchants on Amazon, and is not returned by default. It takes a complicated chain of searches to get the image, we might implemented this search in a future version.

When you open the Amazon page with the image in it, ctrl-click the image and choose "Make Cover of Selection" from the contextual menu. The other download cover art tries the regular Amazon search.
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