Beware...potentially stupid Pocketpedia/iPhone question!

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Beware...potentially stupid Pocketpedia/iPhone question!

Postby Woofus » Thu Jul 17, 2008 8:04 pm

Ok, I'm new to this program, but LOVING IT... and I've got a few questions.

1) I'd like to be able to manually add movies FROM the iPhone. If my thinking is correct, the way to do it would be to "Search" for it, then hit the little green folder to add it to my collection. I'm assuming that on the next sync, it will sync up with DVDPedia and be there on both? Is there an easier way, or is this the way?

2) I noticed last night when I did an iTunes sync (complete with backup) my Pocketpedia database on the iPhone went poof! I had to resync the whole thing. I would prefer NOT to have to resync 800 movies all the time. Is this a freak one time thing or did I forget to do something?

Thanks a bunch!

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Re: Beware...potentially stupid Pocketpedia/iPhone question!

Postby Conor » Fri Jul 18, 2008 3:58 am

Hi Woofus,

Welcome to Pocketpedia.

1) This is not a feature yet. We did not have time to implement the backwards sync, so to avoid any confusion, from adding an entry to Pocketpedia that does not appear in DVDpedia, entries in Pocketpedia can only be added to a specific Pocketpedia collection that is created via the green button and then the plus button that create a new collection.

2) Sounds like a bug from iTunes, lets hope a freak one time thing; iTunes should not delete any data on your iPhone (including the Pocketpedia) except under a restore operation. If you manually remove Pocketpedia from your iPhone then it will delete the associated data as well.
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