Thank you, Bruji and Mathieu!

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Thank you, Bruji and Mathieu!

Postby PauHana658 » Mon Jan 05, 2009 6:14 am

I've slowly been converting the family DVD/VHS collection to digital files stored on an external drive. The other day, the wife -- not normally a tv person and most definitely NOT technically inclined -- asked about "Heroes," which I had just added to DVDpedia. She wanted the big-screen tv experience and didn't want to watch them on a computer or deal with the DVDs. So I connected my MBP to the big Sony tv and showed the wife how to use Front Row with the DVDpedia plug-in to access the show files. She was blown away by how easy it was to access and watch the tv show files. I then showed her all the movie files that I had been importing into DVDpedia, and she was again blown away by the ease of browsing and the depth of the information available -- much easier than trying to browse the DVDs stored under the tv. Now she's watching an episode or two of Heroes each day with no help from me.

Of course, I get kicked off my MBP every time she wants to watch an episode. When I explained the problem -- it's my work machine and I can't get any work done while she's watching Heroes -- she asked if there was a solution. I said, yes, a Mac Mini placed under the tv and connected to the tv and the various external hard drives holding our media collections. She suggested I get the Mini right away, 'cause this DVDpedia/Front Row thing was terrific!

So, thank you, Bruji and Mathieu Guindon (creator of the plug-in)! The Mini is the final piece we need for our home media center, but I had no hope at all of winning permission to get one any time soon. But thanks to the amazing combination of DVDpedia and the Front Row plug-in, we'll soon have a home entertainment system that that whole family (including Luddite Wife) will be able to use and enjoy!
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Re: Thank you, Bruji and Mathieu!

Postby Conor » Mon Jan 05, 2009 6:15 pm

We love making a program that compels buying more Macs. Congratulations on the approval for the purchase but wait on it until tomorrow as I feel there might be a new Mac Mini announced tomorrow at Macworld. Some rumors say it's something more AppleTV-media-central type announcement – we hope not, as it would be stealing DVDpedia's spotlight.

Mathieu has done a great job on the plug-in with almost no help from us, he jumped into Mac development and is very talented. Thank you for picking DVDpedia as your first Mac project.
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