Copy data to another iPhone?

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Copy data to another iPhone?

Postby Mobey » Tue Jan 06, 2009 7:05 am

I've tried having a search for any info on this but haven't found anything (I may just be being useless). My wife and I both have an iPhone, both with Pocketpedia. I have spent the time inputting all our data, is there any way I can transfer the data to my wifes iphone at all? I noticed that you can retrieve a pocketpedia.sql if I had DVDpedia, can I put that anywhere within itunes so that is syncs that data to her phone?

Fairly new to this but I think the app is great! An export function would make it the PERFECT app, for me anyway :D
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Re: Copy data to another iPhone?

Postby Conor » Wed Jan 07, 2009 7:59 am

Sadly the iPhone is locked down and you can't add any data to a program through iTunes or by browsing the files for a program on your Mac.

The same way you extract the pocketpedia.sql data via DVDpedia you can send it back. While holding down the option key and selecting the Pocketpedia item from the help menu you will transfer the data out. Rename the PocketpediaBackup.sql on your desktop to PocketpediaReplace.sql. Now select the same Pocketpedia menu item but hold down the ctrl key this time and use your wife's iPhone to restore the file (anything on your wife's Pocketpedia will be replaced with your version of the file). Because the images are not part of SQL database your wife's iPhone will be missing the thumbnails. If you select the details for an entry and press on the cover image it will go online and download the cover and thumbnail. So you will have to press each cover once. You can do all this with the demo of DVDpedia but if you are planning on buying DVDpedia, then please send me the PocketpediaBackup.sql file instead and I can import all the entries into DVDpedia and then you can both do syncs of your data from DVDpedia onto your iPhones. Keeping you both in sync without having to do the file extract and restore procedure.

This procedure is hidden as it was to have some flexibility in special cases. We are still hoping that Apple will release a way for users to interact, browse, replace, sync and backup their data for iPhone Apps that is as simple as a Finder window. Otherwise will have to make this an officially supported option and include an options to transfer the covers as well.
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Re: Copy data to another iPhone?

Postby Canuck » Sat Jun 20, 2009 12:06 pm

I've been experimenting with Total Commander and the T-PoT plugin to see if backing up the Pocketpedia database is possible from my Windows box without jailbreaking my iPhone. Here's the article that explains how to get and use TC:

Could you clarify the directory location where Pocketpedia stores the database file on the iPhone? If it's in the user-accessible partition, then TC should be able to do the trick here. If not, then at least I'll know where to look once I work up the nerve to jailbreak my iPhone ;)

Thanks, Mike
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