Various unrelated questions regarding Pedia products

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Re: Various unrelated questions regarding Pedia products

Postby LibertyTrooper » Thu Nov 09, 2017 9:26 am


I spent some time with Xcode today. If anything, its gotten worse. It appears to me that those whom are charged with its developer are not actually using it. If they were, it would be seriously different.

One feature that I vaguely recall, and that appears to no longer exist, was a version of Xcode that appeared to tokenize and adorn source code with context sensitive shapes. Connor, do you recall seeing this? Also do you have a preferred board for us to post development and general discussion that is sometimes unrelated to Pedia?

I'm going back to AppCode. An IDE that has a plugin supporting the colorblind and vim emulation lends the appearance that they 'eat their own dog food'. My eyes are getting to old to squint at things. My new favorite font size is 18.
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