DVDpedia 5.9.2 Beta 117 Changes

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DVDpedia 5.9.2 Beta 117 Changes

Postby FineWine » Fri Jan 18, 2019 6:21 pm

With the latest DVDpedia 5.9.2 Beta 117 today you will noticed some changes.

    1 - Preferences > Sites list and therefore the 'Update from' list has defaulted to ALL the search sites being 'Ticked' with NO entries for any Amazon sites.
    - To activate Amazon you have to go into the 'Option Help' menu and select 'Amazon Test'. This then brings up ALL the Amazon sites at the bottom of the Preferences > Sites list and they will have defaulted to ALL been 'Ticked'. You now have to deselect the unwanted Amazon sites and drag the wanted sites up to the search priority level you want. (I presume this behaviour will occur if you are still using your own Amazon credentials)
This is not a big thing but it is something to be aware off and not to panic over if your Sites list has changed.

What this does is two things: (I think)
    a - always drop the local theatrical release date into the 'Release date", even if the original theatrical years release date matches.
    b - If there is a year miss match it will drop the local date into release date
You MAY have to do a new IMDb "Update site' check for previous entries.

Also depending upon how popular this facility is will depend on whether it remains in the finial version 6 release build.

The rest of the changes are really all under the hood macOS 10.13 High Sierra and 10.14 Mojave compliances and bug fixes reported by uses.

As usual if you find any bugs please report them in these forums plus any 'undocumented' changes. The 'Help' file will be updated with or just after the release of version 6 (I presume :) )
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