Making a "responsive" html template

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Making a "responsive" html template

Postby sitenoise » Wed Feb 12, 2020 10:46 pm

I've been using the awesome FancyIndex templates for most of my exports for years and love it. I use a hacked up version of MyiTunesGridDVD for volleyball and a couple other things, but neither of those scale well to an iPhone.

What I'd like to do is use the necessary dvdpedia code/keys from the iTunesGrid template and dump it into something like this demo of a responsive site: ... (forget about the header and all the footer stuff). I really like how if you click on one of images a window pops up with details (like FancyIndex). It's like what iTunesGrid Details does except with a floating window instead of a new page.

Another basic layout is ... d_blog.htm . It doesn't have the popup window, but they both allow for a series of images with captions (dvd covers or vb players) that scales to a device.


My html skills are rudimentary at best. I can sometimes figure out what I need to change in a css file to get a bigger font or image size or something, but I usually break something else when doing it :D Forget javascript.

I downloaded the simple house files and tried to figure out how to insert the <beginREPEAT-- stuff in place of the individual images, and also how to NOT limit it to 8 images per page and I realize I'm in over my head.

The Simple House one would be ideal for a Director collection or vb team. Big pic across the top, a grid of their movies, and that footer of an image of a favorite from the director with a little review (the Maecenas nulla neque part). But I really want that popup window as is from the "calm/web" demo.

What are my chances of figuring this out? Anybody out there with mad skills and time to spare wanna help? :D :lol:
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