General Smart List Ideas?

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General Smart List Ideas?

Postby amani » Sun May 14, 2006 1:19 pm

So what general smart list ideas have Bookpedia users come up with?

Here are a few of mine's:

Published 2006
Release "is after" 1 jan 2006

Published 2005
Release "is after" 1 jan 2005
Release "is before" 1 jan 2006

5star Reader Ratings (for what's it's worth)
Reader Rating "is greater than" 4

2nd Edition Books
Edition "is" 2

Subjects "contain" women
Subjects "contain" feminism
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Postby marksealey » Thu May 18, 2006 8:46 pm

I chiefly use mine to track where books are in the long trek from wishlist to 'read'. I have fields defined for:

wish (to replace the inbuilt one)

'Cart' (ready to buy)

On Order

then a series of rankings reflecting whether the book is high priority in my current reading, 'continuing' (poetry volumes I'm working my way through, rather than studying daily), 'next' (to be read as soon as I have time and/or a similar title has been read), lower priority or 'reference'.

Once a book is read, I mark it as such. At each stage Smart Collections are defined by values in a 'ranking' field etc.

It works very well - and I really love BookPedia :)
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