Exporting to MobileMe--changes only

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Exporting to MobileMe--changes only

Postby teacher24_70 » Tue Dec 23, 2008 1:33 am

I'm currently exporting my main library collection to my Mobile Me. What happens when I make changes within DVDpedia? Will the next export only export/upload the new changes or will it have to re-upload EVERYTHING?

2nd question, vaguely related. I entitled the "site" as "Michelle's Movies". However, since the library that was exported was simply called "Library", the webpage heading was a little vague. Can I safely retitle my main Library collection or will that mess up things within DVDpedia (or Bookpedia)?
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Re: Exporting to MobileMe--changes only

Postby Nora » Tue Dec 23, 2008 10:51 am

Next time you do a MobileMe export it will try to update the site instead of uploading the entire site. It still takes a little while as it has to check the modification date on image file to make sure it does not need updating.

You can change the name of your main library without a problem.
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