Moving video files to iPhone via DVDpedia...

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Moving video files to iPhone via DVDpedia...

Postby PauHana658 » Sun Dec 28, 2008 12:20 am

Well, my video collection is growing rapidly, thanks to DVDpedia's excellent organizational/browsing features. But there's one snag to actually watching those videos -- the need to have iTunes do the uploading. Since I started using DVDpedia for organizing my video collection, I've stopped using iTunes for that purpose, which was a full-blown hassle even in the best of times, what with having to tediously edit all the metadata to ensure that the file is in the proper category, etc. But while iTunes now serves only as a means of accessing the iPhone itself, I must now manually locate the files I want to put on the iPhone. I do this by placing the mouse cursor over the file name in the info window and reading the path at the bottom of the window to determine in which hard drive the file is located. I then go to the finder, access that hard drive, find the movie, and drag it into the iPhone window in iTunes. Hmmm, there's got to be a better way, right?

iTunes is always going to be a necessary part of the iPhone file management system, but Isn't there some way of dragging and dropping a listing in DVDpedia into the iPhone via iTunes? Maybe by selecting the QuickTime icon and dragging that into the iPhone within iTunes? That way, I can browse the DVDpedia collection, choose a movie, open iTunes, and drag the QuickTime icon for the selected movie to the iPhone list in iTunes, skipping all the steps needed to locate and access the video file.

If there isn't a way, can such a feature be considered for a future version of DVDpedia? (I'm trying to make DVDpedia into a true media hub that handles all my organizing, browsing, AND watching needs.)

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