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Postby Nora » Wed Jun 15, 2005 8:58 am

Here's the Bookpedia beta for everyone to try out. Let us know if there are any bugs, improvements to be made, etc. All help is welcome! :)

This is the list of new/fixed features for the beta:

• New z39.50 server ability. Any z39.50 catalog library with marc records can be added for searching. (To add them from the link provided in the Preferences/Sites, enter the name of the site i.e. 'Amicus', the server address i.e. '', then a colon, the port number i.e. '210', a forward slash and the server name, i.e. 'NL'. So for Amicus, it should look like this: Name: Amicus Server: You'll also have to choose the format (under Record Syntax) and the encoding (you'll have to guess at that for the moment.) There will be more detailed information about this in the Help when the actual version is released.
• New 'add first result automatically' preference for scanners.
• Author default sorting flipped to last name (for old first word sorting hold down option)
• Code optimization for a small speed boast
• Added better date support for smart list, ability to search for blank dates.
• New 'open search window automatically after add' preference
• Added cover icon image to bcard export files.
• Remembers search site selected between launches.
• Double clicking the image in the source for smart collections brings up the edit smart collection sheet.
• When opening entries from spotlight, scroll to appropriate area within the cover view, just like the table view.
• Bug fix: crash that could happen adding multiple books at once and one of them is not found.
• Bug fix: ISBNs that started with "0" did not get their dashes removed for searching.
• Bug fix: web Template installation images would fail to be copied in some systems.
• Bug fix: returned double-click (edit) functionality in cover view that had
been disabled by cover dragging ability.
• Bug fix: sorting numbers prefixed by £ fixed.
• Bug fix: When in cover view the focus could stay on the source list, making commands like delete to be sent to the source list instead of the cover view

Have fun!
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