Pocketpedia syncing between iPads, iPhones, etc ?

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Pocketpedia syncing between iPads, iPhones, etc ?

Postby cougarboy » Sat Sep 06, 2014 6:16 pm

I'm guessing that the vast majority of Pedia users are Mac users as well. My situation is a bit different. I am using pocketpedia on an ipad to keep track of a small educational library (currently under 1000 books) at work. My workplace only uses Windows computers and I would love to somehow be able to sync pocketpedia on one work ipad with another work ipad/iphone. Obviously it is not worth it to buy a mac to sync this data.

At the most basic level could the ipad generate a back up file that could be opened by another one?

Ideally, could multiple devices sync to dropbox or iCloud without having to own a mac computer?

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Re: Pocketpedia syncing between iPads, iPhones, etc ?

Postby Conor » Sun Sep 07, 2014 5:26 am

Although Pocketpedia is great standalone it's power is really unlocked as a companion app to the Bookpedia. Even a lot of the features like passing a file via the fuel sharing in iTunes require a Mac to create the proper format.

We do have plans for iCloud in the meantime I do know there is software on Windows to pull out the data of Pocketpedia from a backup. Not sure if the software has the same ability to replace data for a Pocketpedia on another iPad with a copy of the extracted data. It should be possible. The images will not be included as they can always be downloaded hence they don't go on the backup. If you manage to transfer the database simply tap on any cover for a book to make it large and then tap (with two fingers) on the large image and hold for two seconds. A prompt will come up asking if you want to download all the covers again from our online database.
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