DVDpedia: More options for smart collections & watched list

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DVDpedia: More options for smart collections & watched list

Postby Waldbaer » Thu Sep 11, 2014 2:12 pm

Hi bruji,
today I want to request two feature expansions for smart collections:
1. sub and/or conditions. Actually, you can already achieve that now by combining several smart collections via "list contains", but that makes for a big amount of smart collections that are only used as resource for others. iTunes had a separate "..." button for this between the + and - to add/delete conditions, now it is only visible when you hold down option, but it's still there. It's e.g. useful for genre combinations with rating filter like this: Titles rated higher than 3 stars and (genre contains to action or genre contains thriller).
2. more options to consider data in the "watched last time" list in smart collections. I'm quite interested in this list and e.g. always add information not only when but at least also who watched the movie. Often we have a group of people and it would be great to easily filter out movies somebody knows already or even build filters like "movies that hans and peter did not see for at least 2 years" (especially my brother often complains he has just seen this or that movie because he watches very many movies and such a filter could help then :wink: ).
These features are especially useful for the DVDpedia I think, but once implemented, it may be easy to copy them to the other pedias, too. What do you think?
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