Bookpedia : Sorting multiple titles

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Bookpedia : Sorting multiple titles

Postby Izzy » Wed Jul 15, 2015 6:40 am

Hi everyone,

Some books are publishing as "boxes" including several books in one book. Sometimes a new name is picked for that specific édition but sometimes it's just named with all the titles chosen (and already published in other respects).

How is it possible to insert this "box" in a single record in Bookpedia?

I tried some things and I note the following things :

    - the field "Sort Title" allows only 1 title. If I add the second title, it's not taken into account.
    - the field "Custom Tag 2" also allows only 1 title. The result is the same as "Sort Title"
    - a combination of "Sort Title" and "Custom Tag 2" ; the first title in "Sort Title" and the second one in "Custom Tag2". In that case, the sorting works somehow. If I enter in the smart list the criterion "Custom Tag2", it appears in the list but before all other titles. Not in its right place.

If the book has more than 2 titles, I don't know what to do because all other fiels are already used.

I could record each titles as one book and so a box with 3 titles would become 3 records in the library.
But :
    - it's a loss of time,
    - the number of the records doesn't reflect the number of books possessed physically,
    - and everything in the record is doubled, tripled,...(pictures, all data except the title)

Is there any possibility ?
Thank you for your answer.
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Re: Bookpedia : Sorting multiple titles

Postby Conor » Wed Jul 15, 2015 10:16 am

I believe you were headed in the right direction with the use of custom tag 2. I would continue to use the title field for the common title of the collection of titles. Then you can use the "custom tag 2" as "Titles Included in collection". The custom tag 2 does allows for titles to be separated by comma, they will show as separate blue bubbles in the edit field.

As for sorting, the book will always have to sort under a single letter. If it should not sort under the common title then you can use the sort title to sort the book at a specific location, but it will never be able to sort under multiple titles.

You separate books that are collection, simply due to the presence of custom tag 2 field, that would include the number of titles and would allow you to show the custom tag 2 column, so that you can search by that field when searching displayed columns.

Should this not solve the issue, do let me know the exact details of the issue your having and what you would like to achieve, including sending a copy of your database file, so that I can look at the same data and see if there is a way to adapt to your libraries workflow.

Kind regards,
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