Duration for Tracks in CDPedia

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Duration for Tracks in CDPedia

Postby Stoom » Mon Nov 30, 2015 11:28 am

When I have no duration times for the tracks for an album I can just pop the CD in to my computer and press cmd+T and all the times are added. Fantastic! But if the album has 2 discs then I have to add the duration times for the second disc manually. If I try adding them from the CD it just overwrites the tracks from the first disc.

So would it be possible to hi light (select) sets of tracks so they are the ones that are allocated the times when you press cmd+t. This would make it easy to add all the track time for multiple disc box sets etc.

Thanks for listening and thanks for the great software!
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Re: Duration for Tracks in CDPedia

Postby Waldbaer » Tue Dec 01, 2015 5:01 am

I'm not sure, if I understood your solution correctly, but nevertheless, I'd like to add 2 workarounds and 1 additional idea for a solution for multiple-CD-albums:

a) before replacing the tracks of the first disc with the ones of the second, go to the tracks window, select all (cmd+a) and copy (cmd+c). After adding the tracks of disc x, just return to the tracks window and paste (cmd+v). You then should have all tracks there. If you want to have the numbers correct, you'll still have to go through the list after adding all tracks and select each disc's tracks, right click and "new disc".
b) if you imported the albums in iTunes, too, just work on every information there for the complete box set until you like it the way it is. Then put it into a set list and import that setlist in CDpedia. You can then just copy-paste the complete, perfect list from your import to the original CDpedia-entry with all additional information or just use the imported entry as template for your regular entry.

I have to admit that I did not know the cmd+t feature until I read your post (always did this using workaround b), so thanks for making me aware of this possibility. But maybe it would be sufficient to have a small dialog after pressing cmd+t, that just asks "would you like to replace the existing tracks or add a new disc?". Of course it should check in advance, if there are any tracks at the moment at all and only appear then... This could make adding box sets a lot easier and more intuitive, if somebody does not want to import them to iTunes at the same time, since you could just start with the first disc and then add the other ones one by one.
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