Swedish translation of DVDpedia

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Swedish translation of DVDpedia

Postby cotignac » Tue Feb 09, 2016 3:50 am

Are there any plans of releasing a swedish translation of the DVDpedia?

If not, I'm interested in helping you with that. I'm a retired IT consultant living in Provence in the southern part of France. I have recently retired and have spare time that I can use to help you with the translation.

I'm currently using Bookpedia, DVDpedia and CDpedia and I'm currently hoping and waiting for an app to my Apple TV 4.

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Re: Swedish translation of DVDpedia

Postby Conor » Tue Feb 09, 2016 7:28 am

Hi Jan,

Thank you for the feedback that a Swedish translation would be appreciated. We have no current plans of adding Swedish, but do have plans to make our localization process easier to be able to add more translations into our workflow. The good news, if you have the free time you can translate a lot with editing two simple files.

Select the program and control click "Show Package Contents" then navigate to /Contents/Frameworks/Pediabase/Resources/en.lprog duplicate this folder and name it "sv.lproj". Open the "localizable.strings" file and change the right side to Swedish. This above translation of this folder can be copied over to all the Pedias, as this framework is shared among them.

For the individual bits of the program repat the same process with /Contents/en.lprog, and here also the second string file called "Realtitles.string" for the field names of each program.

If you do make some personal translations do please consider sending them our way and we can then integrate them into our future localization. We are trying to build some sort of system that will make it simple for users to correct and help us localize the program in more languages. But this is a less immediate plan, more important is the Apple TV. :)
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