Idea: RFID to manage and work with pedia?

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Idea: RFID to manage and work with pedia?

Postby MOTIVHIMMEL » Fri Aug 26, 2016 1:49 pm

Today I found on the web, that I can install a RFID reader on my Pi and found this very interesting to simply manage my Library on DVD Pedia. Well, I know that I can using a Camera on the Mac or my iPhone to found or create my stuff in Pedia, but this function often not work perfect and it's very slow or scan the wrong code. RFID would be much faster and simpler to use and there are some simple RFID readers available on the web, who you can connect over USB (not sure if all will work with Mac OS!!!). Also you need the RFID Tag (A small sticker).

And that you can do with it

- Simply checkin/checkout your Items to manage your loans
- Found your Items in Pedias very fast without try to found the best angel and right light to let scan the barcode correctly or using the search. Simply move the item near the reader and done
- Scan your Movie and mark it as watched today
- If Apple will ever open the RFID Chip for Developers in the future, you can scan the RFID Code with your iPhone. This can also be helpfully to found your right item movie in a huge collection I think... Like a little tracker who give you a green light or sound, if you near of you item who you search

So what do you think? Is it realistic to integrate a feature like this in the Pedias? The actions can be done by a simple popup / dialog like (What you will do? Search, Mark, Checkin/Checkout).
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Re: Idea: RFID to manage and work with pedia?

Postby Conor » Fri Aug 26, 2016 3:35 pm

It is a very interesting idea. But I am not sure that RFID will ever gain enough traction in these use cases for Apple to make an API available to developers. Although it would defiantly be most useful. It would make the use of RFID a little more main streamed then worth the development time to integrate such a feature as most users would then have access to it, by buying a pack of RFID stickers. In today's assisted delivery market (making shipping easier for small vendors), we could even provide that bundle ourselves.

Although you mention DVDpedia it would be a big hit with the quite springing number of small libraries that use Bookpedia. :)
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