Browser Access to Doghouse not working intermittently

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Browser Access to Doghouse not working intermittently

Postby FineWine » Sun Dec 03, 2017 6:29 pm

Over the past two days I have got back into moderating, via DVDpedia, Doghouse contributions.

A couple of times I have tried to go into Doghouse via the browser to check on a few things. Day one first attempt I was able to access BUT second attempt I ended up with a blank browser page. The same occurred on day 2 - first attempt all ok, second attempt blank browser page.

Both times I have just visited with no login, initially, to check the public access result. Then I have logged in and carried out a live edit. Then gone away from the page (closed Tab) and or Quit the browser. But ¼ or ½ hour later attempted to go back to the site and all I get is a blank browser page.

I have not measured the time between first attempt access successes. But I am guessing roughly less than 24 hours but greater than 12 hours.

I have cleared caches, history etc. I have used; Firefox 56 Australis, Firefox 57 Quantum, Waterfox 55, Safari 11, all of which use totally different Profiles and caches etc.

EDIT: Got the wait time down to approximately 1½ hours
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Re: Browser Access to Doghouse not working intermittently

Postby Conor » Mon Dec 04, 2017 3:08 am

Thank you for the specifics. I'll try to reproduce, but even better I'll keep the logs open, see if any errors come across that are not being picked up by my automatic alarm, the system should email me for any serious error.
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