Last version on MAS for Pedias 5

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Last version on MAS for Pedias 5

Postby joseluismen » Wed Jun 26, 2019 11:05 am

I aquired three of your programs in the MAS store, and use 10.11 system (because my computers do not support 10.12 or higher). The version I use is 5.6.1, of june 2018, and I see on your website that there is a version 5.7 prior to the release of versions 6 (which now correctly marks system 10.12 as requirements).
What improvements does this version 5.7 include?
Is there any way to install it for those of us who have 5.6.1 in MAS?
Regards, and thanks for everything.

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Re: Last version on MAS for Pedias 5

Postby Conor » Wed Jun 26, 2019 1:29 pm

Sadly Apple does not keep previous versions on the MAS, once I release an update the previous version for your system is no longer available. You can run the version of 5.7 from our website it will honor the receipt from the MAS store. Since there won't be any more updates to version 5, you need not worry about moving out of the MAS store upgrade mechanism. You can move back in by downloading version 6 from the MAS when you upgrade your computer.

I do recommend the latest version as there a number of fixes, although small make the program more enjoyable. Nothing dramatic, mainly to the search sites and small bugs, but why not have them, when they are free.

Here are the links for version 5.7.

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