List your Favourite eBook Download Sites

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List your Favourite eBook Download Sites

Postby FineWine » Wed Jul 03, 2019 2:51 am

Hi everyone.

As you all know eBooks are becoming more and more popular. I personally have a collection of over 1200 paper based books. But when I purchased my first tablet (iPad 2 in 2011) I started to buy eBooks especially just prior to my travels. Now over a third of my book library is eBook format, either from Kindle or Apple iBooks and I very rarely buy paper based books anymore.

eBooks have their own ISBN numbers and Amazon have their own eBook ASIN numbers. To facilitate better accuracy in your Bookpedia collections these numbers are important. But tracking this information down can be laborious. Some eBooks make it easy and have the ISBN number on the first few pages but a lot still do not. You can also track your eBook down on amazon but I find their synopsis is not the best, which is not all that unusual. I personally find has the better synopsis's.

Of course amazon is also becoming quite uncooperative and problematic when it comes to Bookpedia's amazon search plug-in as they are really tightening up on their AWS membship.

SO there are lots of eBook download sites, fee based and free based. I found this site 29 Best Websites to Download Free Ebooks.

Remember at the moment and maybe never, you can not search Apple iBooks as a website. :(

Sample site: Google Play Book Store

So the purpose of this Topic is that I am in the process of writing a 'Styles View' InfoTemplate to facilitate the searching for eBook information, mainly ISBN, ASIN & synopsis and when it is approved by the Top Dogs at Bruji you will be able to install it into your Bookpedia app to assist you in finding that elusive eBook infomation. My other InfoTemplates are for DVDpedia, 'Moderator' and 'Jungle Green'. Shameless promotion I know :D

What are your faviourite eBook download sites ??
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