Full screen play ISO automation

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Full screen play ISO automation

Postby lannp » Tue Jun 19, 2007 7:48 am

I have two USB external drives and made two databases: one and two. My movies are in ISO and they are in a sub directory of my USB drives ONE and TWO.

I found that the DVD Player cannot play the ISO, but only can play the VIDEO_TS folder. According to the forum, ISO works when the type of the link is changed to "Movie" but that does not work for me. I want to use the DVD Player to play the ISO in full screen mode by clicking on the white triangle. I made links to the VIDEO_TS folder so the links are available to be clicked to play. I found that the only way to make the link works is to click the ISO so the VIDEO_TS folder is mounted. Once that is done, everything works.

So, I make the links for all ISO. On the desk top, there is a large number of VIDEO_TS folders that are mounted when I manually click all the ISO names, one for each ISO movie. Everything works fine. The problem is when the Mac mini is turned off, all the VIDEO_TS folders are closed. The next time I return, I need to again manually mount all folders for the links to work.

How do I have the VIDEO_TS folder mounted automatically when the system boots? I looked into the Apple script, but it looks very convoluted.

How do I switch from database one to database two?
Finally, I found that my VLC is quite buggy in Mac mini and DVD Player is much better so I gave up on using VLC to play the ISO.
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