Possible to get Starring instead of Director after title?

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Possible to get Starring instead of Director after title?

Postby hwitten » Wed Aug 13, 2008 3:47 pm

I'm one of those folks coming in the back-door, I.e. via Pocketpedia.

Currently a Delicious user. Like what I've seen so far, especially the fact that it will be self-contained on the iPhone.

I would prefer to see Starring after the title instead of Director. Perhaps I just haven't got to where I can change that, but thought I'd ask anyways :)

The other thing I noticed is that French has crept into Genre data. But perhaps that because the info came from Amazon.ca, imported from Delicious-Monster. I'll try and get info from Amazon.com and hopefully that will take care of that.

Very encouraged, enough to keep digging some.
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Re: Possible to get Starring instead of Director after title?

Postby Conor » Thu Aug 14, 2008 4:31 am

The subtitle is fixed in the current version. We thought about some kind of preference and have it a possibility for a future update, but also the space in the header is not large enough to accommodate a lot of information such as starring, unlike the bottom area that is flexible. At the moment we are concentrating on fixing any small bugs, sorting, searching, backward sync and cover flow, so changing the subtitle won't be in any update soon. Thank you for the feedback, it's good to know what users would enjoy. As for the French information is must have come as you mention from the import, during the sync all the information comes from the Pedias.
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