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Did you know? Searching tracks in CDpedia

Friday, March 28th, 2008

When you click on the little magnifying glass in the toolbar search field you can change the search parameters. So in CDpedia, for example if you want to only search your song titles, click on the magnifying glass and choose ‘Track Names’ to let CDpedia know that it should only search the track titles and nothing else.


If you want to include the artist field on track level in the search as well then choose ‘Track Others’.

Impress your friends (especially those of the Windows persuasion)

Wednesday, March 26th, 2008

1. Download the ‘ThreeViews’ template from our Extras page.
2. Export your DVDpedia library using the ‘ThreeViews’ template.
3. Watch your friends turn green with envy. 

Check out this video for a little taste of one of the three views.

Did you know? Linking entries and box sets

Friday, March 7th, 2008

Did you know that you can link text files, PDFs, movies, images and URLs to a Pedia entry? To do so, select the entry in the table view, make sure the info view at the bottom is showing (you can toggle it with the ‘i’ button in the toolbar) and drag whatever file or URL you want to link over the info view of the entry.


That’ll create a link in the info view which you can click to open the file or URL again at a later point (or if it’s a movie, to start playing the movie).


Even better, you can also link Pedia entries to each other. This is great for DVD box sets for example. You can add each movie separately to keep track of information that might be different for each movie such as credits, features or release date, but you can still see that the entries belong to each other thanks to the links.

When you link different entries to each other, make sure you hold down the Option key while you drag the entries over the info view. Otherwise the entries will only be linked to the entry that was selected last, i.e. the one showing in the info view. With the Option key held down though, the entries will automatically link themselves back to the other selected entries.

You could go even further to keep your box sets together and add a common title before each individual movie so they will be sorted together in the table view.


Or if you want to go the whole nine yards (as suggested by Pedia user Rigido), you can create a box set entry with the box set cover image and all the other information pertaining to the box set and then link all the individual entries to that entry. (If you use the status bar view at the bottom of the main window, remember to set the ‘# of discs’ field to 0 either for the box set entry or the individual entries so the discs aren’t counted double.)