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Impress your friends (especially those of the Windows persuasion)

Wednesday, March 26th, 2008

1. Download the ‘ThreeViews’ template from our Extras page.
2. Export your DVDpedia library using the ‘ThreeViews’ template.
3. Watch your friends turn green with envy. 

Check out this video for a little taste of one of the three views.

Quick Look, Cover Flow and Smart Folders

Monday, October 29th, 2007

With Leopard finally loose in the wild, the feature that’s caught our attention the most so far is Quick Look. The description of Quick Look, previewing documents without opening them, doesn’t sound all that impressive; after all that’s what programs are for – to view documents. But with the combination of Quick Look, Cover Flow and smart folders you no longer need the Pedias to view your media. 
The smart folder gathers all your Pedia items, Cover Flow lets you browse them and Quick Look serves up the details for an item. To show you just how cool this is, we’ve put together a little video.

Luckily you still need the Pedias to add and edit your items. Maybe 10.6 (Small House Cat) will have Quick Edit and programs will be optional; but in the meantime dive into the Pedias’ Leopard features.