Totally Unrelated Recipedia (Actually a Bit of a Relation)

A childhood friend has released his first iOS app and has named it in honor of the Pedias. Recipedia comes to fill all your kitchen organizing needs. We attended my friend’s wedding last year and we expected a different kind of announcement a year later but that just goes to show the rise of iOS is so meteoric that the first creation of a married couple is now an app. Jose did all the programming and his wife the design.

For a 1.0 it’s a solid release, stable with all the main areas that you might need in a recipe organizer. The option to edit online recipes once they’re saved is very useful since I often tinker with recipes to fit my tastes. The flow of some areas needs updating such as the “save recipe” button which asks you to chose a category to store the recipe in but it’s not immediately clear where this option is located. Ideally the alert would include the different categories as button choices, saving one click. Power users will then automatically figure out that they can set the category beforehand, while the rest of us can continue to use the buttons.

It’d also be nice to get a picture of your own recipes in the internal search results, especially given the height available for each search result. I would like to the see the “add new recipe” and “copy/paste recipe” integrated into a single command and merge the smarts of copy/paste (automatic separation of ingredients and steps) directly into the individual fields (with an option to undo, should I want to keep all paragraphs in one step). But here I am probably overlooking some complicated technical details that would not make this possible. As a personal favorite I’d love to see Serious Eats as an online source and the ability to change the order of ingredients and instructions.

At $2.99 Recipedia is a steal and if you’re into cooking you should check out this adopted brother of the Pedias. Getting started in the App Store is very exciting and we wish them the best of luck. Being able to live of your software creation and then have the financial/fan support to continue to develop it is a great career.