Twitter Cards

Great news, both and the Doghouse are fully Twitter Card compatible right now.

What does that mean?

It means you get these nifty cards with the product image and a small summary when you tweet a link from either our Bruji products or a Doghouse item.

The cards will look something like this:


Pretty nifty right?

What can you do with these cards? Conquer the world!

Well, OK, maybe not conquer the world, but lots of other things, how about being a better friend? Everyone wants to be a better friend, right? And what do good friends do? They help each other.

So let’s say you’ve got a friend who is down in the dumps and needs a little joy in their life. Instead of sending them 140 characters of Hallmark text in a tweet you can send them a link to a movie that will lift their spirits and make them whole again. With an awesome Twitter Card from the Doghouse, it’s as easy as sending them the link in your tweet. For example, in order to send my friend Percival Downtrodden the link above to the wonderful Midnight Run movie I’d send him a tweet with this link:

That’s it. Our amazing website technology does the rest and he ends up looking at the card above in his tweeter feed and,hey  presto! his life is instantly better.

But wait, there’s more!

Why settle for sending a mere movie? Why not go full-hog and send him a link to DVDpedia so he can fulfill all his movie-managing fantasies? Surely that will cure his blues right up!

Something like:

“Dear Percival, don’t be downtrodden, get this app and your life will be instantly better:”

And Percival Crestfallen will receive the tweet with this uplifting image:


Instant cure!

So go ahead, tweet away like crazy, secure in the knowledge that you are, finally, making the world a better place.