Pedias Updated for Amazon US.

If you are having trouble with the Amazon US returning no results for searches please update to the beta version of the Pedias. This will have the nice side effect of increasing the beta testing pool as well as let me know how many users roughly are having issue with the search. The beta version is very stable and will soon become the 6.0 release of the next version. There is one small caveat, it’s 10.12+ only. So you need MacOS Sierra or High Sierra installed on your computer for the version to run. Here are the links to each pedia beta version:

Please feel free to rename the beta and use it as your regular version. It will update more often as I close in on the release of 6.0 and then will update to 6.0 automatically a few days before the release. If you run into  bugs, do send me an email so I can get those fixed

Also working on adding a few enhancements to the fix and will port it back to the old version and release one last official update of the old version to leave it with all the updated search plugins for users who do not have Sierra or High Sierra.