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Adding Page Numbers to Print Templates

Thursday, January 19th, 2012

Some of the Pedias’ printing templates add an automatic page break after a certain number of entries. Starting with version 5.0.2 of the programs, this page break can be used via CSS to style in a page number at the footer of the page.

To add a page number add the following CSS code to the template inside the <style></style> section at the top of the HTML code.

body {
counter-reset: page;
.pageBreak {
width: 100%;
text-align: right;
counter-increment: page;
.pageBreak:before {
content: counter(page) " ";

Of course you can change the formatting or font in the pageBreak property to fit the template that you’re modifying.

Fancy and useful export template

Wednesday, December 16th, 2009

Gamepedia user April King wrote a very cool HTML export template for the program. Not only can you sort its columns on the fly, it also has a lightning-fast live search included.
On top of that it has a details view and several links to outside sources (Google and Amazon). Do your Gamepedia database a favour and download this template now.

You can click on any of the column headers to sort the template.Main page, fancy index template

The details view that appears when you click on the title link.

Details view of the fancy index template

Impress your friends (especially those of the Windows persuasion)

Wednesday, March 26th, 2008

1. Download the ‘ThreeViews’ template from our Extras page.
2. Export your DVDpedia library using the ‘ThreeViews’ template.
3. Watch your friends turn green with envy. 

Check out this video for a little taste of one of the three views.