Bwana version history
Version: 2.8 (09/05/18)
  • Mojave MacOS 10.14 support.
  • 64 bit support
Version: 2.7 (09/29/09)
  • Updated Firefox script to work with the Firefox 3.5 (Jeffrey Berman)
Version: 2.6 (04/15/09)
  • Updated red highlight to bold by drdrang
  • French localization by Miguel Saro from Grenoble
Version: 2.5
  • Encoding of HTML tags in description of command on the index page
  • Support for WebKit for those using the development builds of WebKit
Version: 2.4
  • Handles tables displays
  • Updates cached pages older than 30 days
  • Adds more descriptions to index
  • Uses less memory when creating index
  • Finds man path locations from your login shell (tkurita)
Version: 2.3 (07/12/07)
  • Updated for Leopard
  • 10.3.9+ only
  • Icon has a white glow for the new Leopard dock
  • Focus is in input field when opening Bwana with option key
  • Bug fix: index list man sections for paths were not all sections were present (Nathaniel Gray)
Version: 2.2 (05/06/07)
  • FZiegler fixed a bug when building an index that requires opening several gzip man pages
Version: 2.1 (17/12/06)
  • The 'not found' page brings up a list of all substring matches (thanks Daniel Jalkut)
Version: 2.0 (13/12/06)
  • Faster
  • Handles zipped man pages such as man:crontab
  • Handles pages with a period in the path such as man:launchd.plist
  • Handles man pages in non standard locations
  • iCab and OmniWeb scripts
  • Automatically knows the calling browser without having to change the preferences
  • Open URL called from other programs in last used browser by Bwana
  • Open many more it couldn't find before like man:s_server.1ssl
  • Saves files in Caches for longer caching and faster access to common files
  • New header with a search field and index link
Version: 1.9 (31/07/06)
  • Universal binary
Version: 1.8 (12/02/06)
  • Re-enabled perl modules and other man pages with colon in their name, that were disabled by 1.7 update
Version: 1.7 (31/12/05)
  • Updated security measures for prevention of command injection.
Version: 1.6 (04/17/05)
  • Update to work with new Safari 1.3 included in 1.3.9 OS X update.
Version: 1.5 (10/12/04)
  • Access to the internal AppleScripts used by Bwana.
Version: 1.4 (12/11/04)
  • MANPATH is cached for faster loading. (Refreshing the index, reloads the MANPATH)
  • Ability to use Firefox, Internet Explorer or Camino.
Version: 1.3 (11/11/04)
  • Due to popular demand MANPATH used to determine man page paths.
  • All man pages in different paths included in index
  • Index used from file when present for quick access
  • Link to refresh index on index page, command is "man:index_refresh"
  • Unknown index section at beginning removed
  • Added /opt/local/share/man to default group of paths if MANPATH fails.
Version: 1.2 (11/11/04)
  • Added the following man path search locations:
  • /urs/local/man
  • /usr/local/share/man
  • /usr/X11R6/man
  • /sw/share/man
Version: 1.1 (10/11/04)
  • Searches more possible man file locations.
  • Searches for files with special ending like wattrset.3x as well, if not provided.
  • Copy paste ability for window.
Version: 1.0 (10/11/04)
  • Added an Index page, call with "man:"
  • Fixed a solid underlining problem in grep.1 page.
  • Fixed headers withmore than one word all bold.
Release 0.9 (09/11/04)
  • Everything