Free Icons
For you to do as you please

In the spirit of giving this season we are making all these awesome, resolution-independent icons completely free for you to download and use as you please.

We’re including an editable Sketch file for you to play with as well as the following formats in case you don’t have Sketch:

  • SVG
  • EPS
  • PNG

Here are the icons, in order of awesomeness. Because awesomeness is free.

*Note: The icons on this page are in SVG format for resizing convenience. Original artwork is free of artifacts and SVG limitations.

The Original Mac

The awesome original Mac and its Mouse, also called the 128K Mac since that was the limit of its memory.

First made available in 1984 with the now-famous commercial directed by Ridley Scott.

Personal Milestone: I first played Castlevania in one of these and I can’t count the endless hours I whittled away with MacPaint.

128K Mac and Mouse

The Newton Messagepad

The original Newton MessagePad. For me, this is the most awesome product Apple ever produced, the only reason I didn’t list it first was because without the original Mac there would be no Newton. First released in 1987.

Do you love your iPhone or iPad? You have the Newton to thank for that. It had too many capabilities to list, it would recognize your handwriting and convert it into editable text! But it was decades ahead of its time and that’s the main reason it didn’t take off.

Sadly, Steve Jobs killed it when he came back in 1997 citing that Apple was too fragmented to survive. Still, the Newton lives on in today’s iOS devices.

Personal Milestone: I had one of these and used it for everything, everything, it was an amazing gadget, I even tried programming with it, it made me feel like I was in a Science Fiction movie.

The Newton holds a special place in my heart.


The Apple II Plus

The incredible Apple II Plus, first released in 1979 before there ever was a Mac.

This is the machine that ushered in the Apple era, the one they built in a garage. It came with a whoping 48K memory onboard and a separate extension board of 16K for an unheard of total of 65K which you needed if you wanted to play any games such as Karateka, Wizardry or Ultima.

Personal Milestone: This was the first computer I ever owned. I did everything from playing games on it (lots and lots of playing games) to using it as a word processor for my school work. I even started learning to program with it. This machine was amazing, it opened my eyes to the endless posiblities that a computer can bring.

Apple II Plus

The eMate

The ill-fated eMate. This was Apple’s attempt at tackling the educational market. It was a great idea that didn’t have much traction for a number of different reasons, one being it, too, was ahead of its time, another being its outrageous price at $799.

Built upon the Newton Operating System and released in 1997 only to be discontinued in 1998 as part of the Newton-killing spree.

Personal Milestone: I was on the verge of buying one of these for my wife who is a teacher, but we decided to wait and instead got the original Blueberry iMac, a great choice in retrospect.


Assorted Icons

Assorted icons from the original 128K Mac which I just couldn’t resist creating.

Assorted Icons
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