LeoTab Info View Template v2

This info view template, written by DVDpedia user Torsten Mess, author of the ThreeViews export template, is based on the Tabbed info view template but with a darker Leopard touch.
It also has a cool 'Cover Search' button which will automatically start a search on Google for the cover image of the movie so you can just mouse over the image you like, ctrl-click (right-click) and choose 'Make Cover of Selection' from the contextual menu.

What's new in version 2:
- trailer search link (on YouTube)
- search icon instead of text
- bugfix: imdb links works now in all tabs (details, summary, cast)

Torsten has also written a matching 'No Selection' template. Download the file, unzip it and place it inside DVDpedia's WebViewFiles folder. You'll get there by right-clicking (ctrl-clicking) the DVDpedia icon and navigating to "Show package contents/Contents/Resources/WebViewFiles/".
(Please keep in mind that because this template is located inside the application, it will be overwritten when you download a new version of DVDpedia.)