Doghouse - Moderation

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Doghouse - Moderation

Postby Atomitanz » Sun Nov 13, 2011 6:26 am

Hi Nora, Alex and Conor,

first let me congratulate you to your new versions of pedias... I hope with doghouse and the new policy handling amazon will bring back pocketpedia soon.

As I like to help you pushing doghouse I registered yesterday as a moderator of doghouse and tried to "play" around a bit. So here some first feedback combined with wishes:

1) Please make it easier to find the working rules for the moderators (clear link on the webside or in the pedia).
2) It would be great if I could clearly see which information of an entry in my pedia database is transfered to doghouse (might be it is possible to color the fields)
3) If I find an error in the database of doghouse, it is complicate to change it. First I have to download the entry into the pedia then changing it and after hat mirroring the entry back to the database. Is there a simpler way to go?
4) A direct link to doghouse entry from the pedia using the "Dog Tag" would be a great help.
5) A special view for moderators might be helpful: one side the entries in the own pedia, on the other side the entry of doghouse, to directly compare the values and to easily change them.

Best regards


6) Possibility to change the "Dog Tag" it might be the wrong link choosen by the pedia....
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Re: Doghouse - Moderation

Postby Conor » Fri Nov 18, 2011 7:07 pm

Thank you for signing up for moderation and helping us fix up the submissions.

1) Thanks, will add it to the Doghouse index page at the bottom.
2) The ability to color changes is still on the to do list and this could be an addition to that but it really is common sense. Anything that sounds personal will not be uploaded (most of what is on the extras tab by default and the comments fields from main are considered personal).
3) True. I spent the last few days adding the ability to mirror directly from the preview/add panel. You can change the information there and then use the mirror command, without the need of adding the movie to your own database. (You can open a movie for mirroring using the "Open in *pedia" link on the Doghouse web page if necessary.) The delete command also works from there, but we encourage the correction of entries instead of deletes. All the above changes are now under testing in the beta version.
4) Command-Option-A should lead you directly to the Doghouse if you originally added the entry through Doghouse, also clicking the title of the movie in the details. I'll take it into account to make a dedicate option, in case another URL is set.
5) That's a tough one but one that can be included in the future. Down the road the idea is to expand the web editing abilities, this would make the ability to edit with the web and DVDpedia open simultaneously much easier.

Tip) Searching for "?dogTag" in the doghouse will open the results for that dog tag, we use it internally when looking for a particular tag and sometimes comes in handy.

Thank you for the feedback, it's very welcome as we still have a lot to do in order to make the moderation experience better.
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