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On Line DogHouse Moderating - TIP

Postby FineWine » Sat Aug 02, 2014 6:50 pm

Whilst debugging issues with Alex and my own On Line Libraries I discovered that one of my On Line Library DVD's had mysteriously acquired totally different cover art from what was in my own pedia collection. The cover art was from a totally different movie. When I did a DogHouse search for this movie I discover there were seven submissions of the same movie but only two were fully accurate. So I set out to correct and update the remaining five movies.

Long Story Short - In stead of actually doing the corrections via the on line DogHouse Moderator Edit facilities, which I did attempt to do, I did the following instead:

1 - created a new Library Collection in my desktop DVDpedia which I called "DogHouse Edit"
2 - selected "Exclude Library from Collection"
3 - ensure you are in this library
4 - clicked 'Add to DVDpedia' in the on line DogHouse and then 'Add' when the DVDpedia 'Edit' panel comes up.
5 - carried out all the corrections and additions
6 - then just 'Mirrored' it back to DogHouse
7 - clicked the browser 'Reload" button and there was the newly updated movie

NOTE: if you are correcting a contribution with the same DogTag number as you have in your OWN Main Library Collection then you must remove that DogTag number before you click 'Add to DVDpedia' in your browser. If you do not do this then it will only update YOUR own entry which could mean that YOUR entry may be incorrect now. Once you have done all the corrections then just select your own entry and re-contribute it to DogHouse to get the DogTag number back.

This is just so much easier and quicker than editing via the DogHouse Moderator Edit facilities especially when it comes to large corrections for the one entry.

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