Adding stuff around a movie

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Adding stuff around a movie

Postby MOTIVHIMMEL » Thu May 14, 2015 9:21 am

DVDPedia deliver a nice solution to ad "external stuff" to the dbase over the "Links" feature".
So for example I can drag & drop a movie who I have bought in iTunes to the list. I also programmed in my template, that the first entry will be showing as a link on the cover, so if I click on the cover, it will play the movie in QuickTime.

But I recognized, that I missing some more power in this feature. Here are some examples:
1. I miss a quick preview button. OS 10.10 deliver some more power around this, like rendering webpages without opening Safari. Also it would be great to see added pictures.

Idea to let Quick Prev. added items

2. I talking around pictures in point 1. Well, I can ad them to the list, but I can't open them. Pedia recognized it as an image, but if I try to double-click on the item in the list, nothing will happen. Also when I hit the little text link at the left bottom (In German named "Darstellung") I got an error message from OS X. There is no App to open the URL (?). Search in the App Store... Hm, ok. I think one of an application can be Preview :D
Around this it would be helpful to ad a little button on the left or right side, to let open the linked files very easy or let me open a Quick Prev.
PS: Funny fact: If I placed the item on the top like a movie as I described in my intro around linking movies, this will also work great with an added picture. So I can click on my cover and the image will be opened in Preview. Why not, when it's in the list?

3. At least around adding the image part... What I can do to let integrate a little Gallery inside the info template?
I knowing from my programming of the "flatdesign template", that I can link to the stuff in the "Links List", but I can't keep the full control around that. I mean, that I can't say: only choosing Items beginning from the second place. One solution can be a filter like:
Code: Select all
<!--IFlinks [linksBegin] AND IMAGE (NOTE: Not sure if this would work, I'm not the best Programmer ;-) )
                            <div id="gallery">
                                <a href="[link:url]"><img src="[link:url]"></a>

Here is one example, what I like to do...

Preview of images in the gallery inside the info template

4. Set up a separated destination for all this "Bonus Stuff" can be also nice around this. Yes, I know, per default Pedia would be using a folder in the Application Support where I can let move the items who are on the list, but I prefer more freedom to let me choosing a folder who I like, without moving (or having) the whole library.
OK; for a workaround I can place an Alias on my desktop... Well, it's just an idea :-)

Oh... btw. I missing a "warning" or better an Option / default Setting who let me choose if I want to move or copy a file to the internal Folder in the Application Support.

Thanks and greetings,
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Re: Adding stuff around a movie

Postby Conor » Fri May 15, 2015 5:22 am

Hi Robin,

Thank you for taking the time to take and send the screenshots as well as the clear explanation. I shall take a look at fixing the bugs first, as the links should be opening in Preview or any other image viewer and not being reported as can't be opened. This should happen both from the details view and from the "View" button in the links menu. Depending on your preferences, it should open them up in Preview or directly in the details view.

After testing I was able to narrow down all the variables needed to reproduce the bug and have fixed it for the next version. I have updated the beta of DVDpedia as well so you can now click on the "View" button and you should be taken to Preview to view the image as you have the "Open links Externally" option set.

I really like the idea of a eye quick look style button. It would replace the "view" button as it would have the same functionality and be more appropriate and you can click it right away without having to first select the entry that you want to view. Thank you for that suggestion.

Right now it displays images directly on a white background, like Safari displaying an image, but I do have it on the feature list to add some kind of template for images to make them slightly more attractive than the raw image being displayed. Could be a good time to work an entire gallery next/back button feature in as well.

Since you are programmer, you can take a stab at using Javascript to filter out image links after the template is created. Other users have done so for other proposes. The template exports all the links and then with a Javascript on load you look at the URL and work with the links you want. In this case you could look for the ending ".jpeg".
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