Searching for Cover Images

When you download information for an entry and no cover image is included (or you don’t like the one that came along), this is how you can search for alternatives.

Ctrl-click (right-click) anywhere in the cover image well at the bottom of the main window to bring up the contextual menu like this:

Then choose either “Download from” and select a site to search or choose “Open Google Images”. (In DVDpedia you will also see the option to “Open MoviePosterDB”.)

When you choose “Download from” and select a site, the program will search for a cover image on that particular site and download the first cover image returned.

When you choose “Open Google Images”, the web view will open and start a search on Google Images for the selected title. To make sure you get the correct image the search will also include the format or platform depending on the Pedia you’re using.

When the window with your search results appears, click on the image you want and then click on the ‘See Full Size Image’ link at the top of the window to see a larger version of the image.

Now ctrl-click (right-click) anywhere on that larger image and select ‘Make Cover’ from the contextual menu that appears to make it the cover of your selected entry. (Or if you’re impatient like Conor, just click and drag the image over into the image well.)

To finish, click the “Done” button at the top right of the web view.

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