Flag it!

We’ve implemented yet another new feature in the Doghouse to make your life even easier and your mornings happier. Yes, I know, we keep adding new features just to make you happy, it’s what we do.

The moderators out there may already know about the Flagged Status for an entry, it works like this:

Any entry that you find suspicious or you would like another moderator to check, just set its Status to Flagged. If you’re a Moderator and see the Flagged status, check the entry out for potential problems then fix it, Approve it or delete it as you see fit.

The New Stuff

The more avid moderators among you will have noticed that none of this is really new, it’s been around for a while, so where’s this new feature that’s going to make my coffee for me in the morning?

Automatic Language Detection!

That’s the new feature. We’re attempting to detect the language an entry is in when a new one is inserted or when a Mirror is done.

This is more of an issue than you might think. Often people will have collections in different languages but their Mac’s locale is set to one language in particular and this will create a discrepancy.

So we’ve implemented a system where we try to match the language by looking at the title and the summary of an entry, if the language we detect does not match the incoming Locale Language we flag the entry automatically so a moderator can take a look at it.

I’ve been experimenting with this feature for about 2 weeks and have caught a lot of issues with Books so far.

Note: this feature is not turned on for Albums, just Movies, Books and Games.

How to use it

Just visit the Flagged entries when you get a chance and see what’s there, fix the language or any other discrepancies you find.

More Info

Check out the new Flag It page in our Moderator’s Guide for more info on this, complete with nice pictures.

One Response to “Flag it!”

  1. Waldbaer Says:

    Well, I actually did not try it yet, but I remember that many of the summaries in german doghouse movie entries are in English. I did not consider this a big problem and better than no summary at all until now, since most people in Germany will be able to understand these, too (and it would take quite much time to fill this field correctly). So how will these entries be handled by the new ALD?
    Thanks for the info…